About TTF


Today Tomorrow Forever

a nonprofit Organization


Mission and Philosophy


Vision Statement:

“We desire to reach the youth of Today, to provide them the tools for Tomorrow, impacting the world Forever”

Character development, leadership training and citizenship

Educational Learning – Marine-based science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)

Maritime Training – Piloting, seamanship, safety, small boat handling, and vessel maintenance

Career Awareness – Armed Services, Merchant Marine, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, etc.

Recreation – Cruising, sailing, rowing, canoeing, swimming, fishing, camping, and hiking

Mission Statement

To provide, operate, fund and maintain a maritime youth training program whose purpose is:

to foster personal responsibility, leadership, teamwork, and character development;

to teach sailing, safety, seamanship, and small boat handling;

to promote STEM-based career and technical education;

to promote citizenship and community service;

to provide mentors and role models;

and to offer wholesome, supervised recreational opportunities


The great waters of the Pacific Northwest offer a unique marine environment, full of opportunities to explore our natural surroundings, to foster learning, to sustain occupational livelihood, and to find recreational enjoyment.  The Sea Scout Ship “Colin Archer” seeks to facilitate access to this wonderful resource by providing a maritime training facility for young people, who, because of their age and limited financial resources, might otherwise find it difficult to participate in aquatic activities.

Our underlying aim is to work within the framework of the Boy Scouts of America to achieve our mission.  We work to establish partnerships with schools, park districts, and youth organizations such as Everett and Cascade High School, the Everett and Washington State Parks and Recreation, Girl Scouts, Campfire, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brother, Big Sister, YMCA, and the YWCA.  Currently was are using The Sea Scout Training Ship “Colin Archer” as a long-term training program dedicated to the personal growth and education of young people. Focusing on serving teenagers, both boys and girls, who are registered with the organization; however, it is also be available to other groups, guests, and the general public during authorized events.

Goals and Objectives:

To operate and maintain a maritime training program for the benefit of youth

To provide priority access to the maritime training program

To provide priority access by the physically challenged

To provide priority access by “at risk” youth

To encourage the development and training of youth as outlined in our vision statement

To provide financial support to the maritime training program

To promote safety for the participants, the public, and the environment

To oversee all programs associated with the Sea Scout Ship 90 to assure that they are run in a manner that is safe, legal, and responsible within the guidelines of the organization and the Boy Scouts of America.

To foster activities which will provide youth with a quality on-the-water experience at minimal cost

To increase public awareness of our program and to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the community at large